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Shade Splendour - British Wildflower Meadow Seeds Mix

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This beautiful mix of British wildflowers gives even the shadiest gardens some delightful colour, keeping your garden bright for as long as possible and providing a valuable source of food to bees and other insects as other flowers begin to die off.


Seed Mix Contents

Wildflower Seeds:

  • Agrimony – Yellow – Height 30-100cm
  • Birdsfoot Trefoil – Yellow – Height 10-40cm
  • Common Knapweed – Purple – Height 100cm
  • Cow Parsley – White – Height 60-170cm
  • Cowslip – Yellow – Height 25cm
  • Devil’s Bit Scabious – Purple/Blue – Height 30-60cm
  • Field Scabious – Pink/Purple – Height 75-100cm
  • Garlic Mustard – White – Height 30-100cm
  • Goats Beard – Cream – Height 150-250cm
  • Greater Stitchwort – White – Height 60cm
  • Hedge Bedstraw – White – Height 25cm
  • Herb Robert – Pink – Height 15-40cm
  • Meadow Buttercup – Yellow – Height 30-90cm 
  • Meadow Vetchling – Yellow – Height 25-100cm
  • Meadowsweet – White – Height 50-100cm
  • Musk Mallow – Pink – Height 40-70cm
  • Oxeye Daisy – White – Height 60cm
  • Red Campion – Pink/Red – Height 30cm
  • Ribwort Plantain – Brown & White – Height 10-50cm
  • Self Heal – Purple – Height 20-30cm
  • White Campion – White – Height 30-60cm
  • Yarrow – White – Height 30-100cm


  • Common Bent
  • Sheeps Fescue
  • Slender Creeping Red Fescue
  • Strong Creeping Red Fescue
  • Wavy Hairgrass
  • Yellow Oatgrass

Please note that the grass seeds are imported, as the UK does not have an appropriate climate to grow enough of these grasses at a commercial level. The flower seeds are all grown in the UK.

Detailed Description

Detailed Description

Also perfect for hedgerows, this mix will help bring any garden to life.

It contains 80% low maintenance grasses for shady areas and 20% flora blend of shade loving flowers, made up of annual, biennial and perennial species.  Once established, it will be really easy to maintain, meaning that it's perfect for those gardeners who don't have the time to spend hours gardening.  You can take that time to enjoy your beautiful garden, knowing that you're also helping to protect the environment.

Wildflowers have huge benefits for the health of the environment and provide essential habitats for various insects and wildlife, so planting wildflowers is one of the most important things that any gardener can do.  

This mix has been specially blended to appeal to a wide range of garden creatures.  Garlic Mustard is a butterfly favourite. It is the food plant for the Orange Tip Butterfly larvae, and the caterpillars of the Small White Butterfly and Green Veined White Butterfly.

Moths account for a third of all pollinator visits to crops, flowers and trees in urban areas, so they are really important pollinators! Red Campion is a food plant for the Rivulet Moth, and Garlic Mustard feeds the caterpillars of the Garden Carpet Moth, so planting this seed mix will help to protect these important animals.

If sown in spring, you will see some flowers in the first summer, but more colour in the summer of the following year.  

If sown in autumn, you will see some flowers in the first spring, but a stronger display in the following spring.