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Pollinator Paradise - British 100% Wildflower Seeds Mix

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Our British grown 100% wildflower seed mix contains a carefully selected mixture of 26 annual, biennial and perennial flower species that will fill your garden with colour from April through to September.  


Seed Mix Contents
  • Agrimony – Yellow – Height 180cm
  • Birdsfoot Trefoil – Yellow – Height 10-40cm
  • Borage – Blue – Height 30-50cm
  • Common Knapweed – Pink – Height 30-80cm
  • Common Poppy – Red – Height 20-60cm
  • Corn Cockle – Purple – Height 30-120cm 
  • Cornflower – Blue – Height 20cm-100cm 
  • Field Scabious – Pink/Purple – Height 75-100cm 
  • Foxglove – Purple – Height 30-120cm
  • Goatsbeard – Yellow – Height 30-70cm
  • Greater Knapweed – Pink – Height 50-90cm
  • Kidney Vetch – Yellow – Height 15-40cm 
  • Meadow Cranesbill – Blue – Height 30-70cm
  • Musk Mallow – Pink – Height 30-75cm
  • Oxeye Daisy – White – Height 20-80cm
  • Purple Loosestrife – Purple – Height 60-120cm
  • Ragged Robin – Pink – Height 30-50cm
  • Red Clover – Red – Height 80cm 
  • Sainfoin – Red – Height up to 90cm
  • Small Scabious – Purple – Height – 40cm
  • Teasel – Purple – Height up to 200cm
  • Vipers Bugloss – Blue – Height 80cm
  • White Clover – White – Height 10-30cm
  • Wild Clary – Purple – Height 80cm 
  • Wild Marjoram – Purple – Height 20-50cm
  • Yarrow – White – Height 8-40cm

Note that Red Clover, White Clover, Birdsfoot Trefoil and Yarrow are not British Native grown.  They are included for their biodiversity importance.

Detailed Description

Detailed Description

Annual species germinate, flower and die off in the same year. Biennial species will produce foliage in the first year and flower in the second year.
Perennial species will flower year after year.

This easy to grow mix is aimed at bees and butterflies, but will also attract hoverflies and other insects.  Your garden will become a haven for all pollinators, including some endangered species.  Agrimony in particular is a food plant for the Grizzled Skipper Butterfly, which is in the vulnerable risk category, and Musk Mallow is a favourite of the Common Blue Butterfly.

This beautiful mix of British wildflowers gives your garden some vibrant early colour in the spring, helping you to banish the winter blues and providing a valuable source of food to bees and other insects as they emerge from their winter nests.  It will then continue to flower through the summer and into the autumn.

If sown in spring, you will see most of the flowers in the summer of the same year.  

If sown in autumn, you will see most of the flowers early the following spring.

Our special blend is designed with the health of the planet in mind.  These native plants contribute to the ecological diversity of the British landscape and provide essential habitats for various insects and wildlife.