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Marvellous Meadow - British Wildflower Seeds Mix

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This spectacular mix of British wildflowers and grasses will make your garden look beautiful during the bright days of summer.  Flowering from April through to September, it is sure to delight.

Seed Mix Contents


  • Birdsfoot Trefoil – Yellow – Height 10-40cm
  • Common Knapweed – Purple – Height 50cm
  • Common Poppy – Red – Height 30-45cm
  • Corn Chamomile – Yellow & White – Height 20-50cm
  • Corn Marigold – Yellow – Height 60cm
  • Cornflower – Blue – Height 90cm
  • Lady’s Bedstraw – Yellow – Height 30cm
  • Musk Mallow – Pink – Height 40-70cm
  • Oxeye Daisy – White – Height 60cm
  • Phacelia – Purple – Height 20-100cm
  • Red Campion – Pink/Red – Height 30cm
  • Sainfoin – Pink – Height 20-50cm
  • Salad Burnet – Red – Height 30-40cm
  • Self Heal – Purple – Height 20-30cm
  • Vetch – Purple – Height 60-180cm
  • White Campion – White – Height 30-60cm
  • Wild Carrot – White – Height 90cm
  • Yarrow – White – Height 30-100cm


  • Bent Grass
  • Chewings Fescue
  • Slender Red Fescue
  • Strong Creeping Red Fescue

Please note that the grass seeds are imported, as the UK does not have an appropriate climate to grow enough of these grasses at a commercial level. The flower seeds are all grown in the UK.

Detailed Description

Detailed Description

Our stunning meadow mix is designed specially to create a vibrant mix of the wildflowers traditionally found in meadows throughout the country.  It contains 80% low maintenance grasses and 20% flora blend to give your garden an authentic meadow look.

The flora part of the mix is made up of annual, biennial and perennial species.  Annual species flower once and then die.  Biennial species produce foliage in the first year, flower in the second and then die off.  Perennial species will flower year after year. 

Once established, it will be very easy to maintain, giving you lots of time to enjoy your stunning garden for many years!

This mix includes a wide range of flowers that are loved by pollinators and other species.  Lady's Bedstraw is particularly loved by bumbles and butterflies, and provides a food source for the caterpillars of various moth species, including Barred Straw Moth, Striped Twin-Spot, Riband Wave, Elephant Hawk Moth, Hummingbird Hawk Moth and Flame Shoulder.  Moths make up 30% of pollinator visits to flowers and trees in urban areas, so they are really crucial to the health of the environment.

Our special blend is designed with the health of the planet in mind.  From late spring to early autumn, these native plants contribute to the ecological diversity of the British landscape and provide essential habitats for various insects and wildlife.

If sown in spring, you will see some flowers in the first summer, but more colour in the summer of the following year.  

If sown in autumn, you will see some flowers in the first spring, but a stronger display in the following spring.