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Wildflower Meadow Maintenance


Once established, wildflower meadows are very low maintenance. Following a few simple steps is the key to the success of your wildflower meadow for years to come.


Any weeds such as thistle and dock need to be removed to prevent them establishing. Pull these out before they set seed. This is particularly important when your meadow is new and is yet to become established.


Established wildflower meadows will need 1-3 cuts per year (more in the first year).

Spring: Cut before the end of April, when there is vigorous grass growth. Cut to approximately 7.5cm (3”).

Summer: Cut in July or August to approximately 5cm (2”).

Autumn: Cut at some point between early September and the end of November. This allows plenty of light to reach the wildflowers so they can compete with the grasses. Cut to approximately 5cm (2”).

Avoid watering or feeding, as this will encourage grasses to become more dominant and outcompete the more desirable flowers.

It can take several years for a meadow to become fully established, but once it is you can look forward to more and more species of wildflower appearing each year.