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Which Wildflower Seeds Should I Buy?

The best place to start is to determine where the meadow or flower patch will be. Is it always in the sun? Is it shaded for the majority of the time? Is it by a pond or lake, where the soil is always wet?

The good news is that most wildflowers thrive in poor, low quality soil, meaning that you don’t need to spend time and money improving it with topsoil or fertiliser! Wildflower seeds germinate better in poorer soils, as competing grasses and weeds can’t take hold as much as they would in better soil.

Which Wildflower seed mix should I buy?

Do I want a 100% Wildflower Mix or do I want a Meadow Mix?
When deciding between a 100% wildflower seed mix and an 80/20 meadow mix, several factors come into play. Understanding the nuances of each option will help you make an informed decision based on your landscaping or gardening goals.

Benefits of 100% Wildflower Seed Mix:
100% Wildflower mixtures can grown purely as wildflowers or they can be added to existing grassland. If you do add the seeds to existing grassland, make sure that the grass has been cut short, to give the flower seeds enough light to grow. Adding wildflowers to existing grassland can be challenging, as the grasses are more established and will compete for more of the nutrients in the soil.

Biodiversity Boost: Opt for a 100% wildflower mix if you desire a stunning display of diverse and colourful wildflowers, creating a vibrant landscape.

Natural Appeal: Achieve an unstructured, natural look resembling a meadow or prairie with a pure wildflower mix.

Wildlife-Friendly: Support local ecosystems by providing a habitat for pollinators and other wildlife, making this option ideal for those passionate about biodiversity.

Low Maintenance Appeal: Once established, wildflowers are generally low-maintenance, requiring less water and care compared to other plant varieties.

Benefits of 80/20 Meadow Seed Mix:
Wildflower meadow mixtures are used when a meadow is to be started from scratch. The seed mix will be 80% grasses and 20% wildflowers. Grasses in wildflower meadow mixtures are slower growing and are chosen specially to be sown alongside wildflowers.

Structural Harmony: An 80/20 meadow mix combines grasses and wildflowers, offering a balanced and structured appearance with the added benefit of soil stability.

Soil Erosion Prevention: If erosion control is a concern, the inclusion of grasses can contribute to soil stability, making this mix a suitable choice.

Adaptability: Meadow mixes with a percentage of grasses are often more adaptable to different soil types and growing conditions, providing flexibility in landscaping.

Aesthetic Versatility: For those who prefer a meadow with a more even, grassy look punctuated by wildflowers, the 80/20 mix offers a pleasing aesthetic balance.